Pengajian Pelangi: Silaturahim & Charity

7:00 AM

Salaam people!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to "Pengajian Pelangi", held by Dian Pelangi and her family which isn't for recitation only but also silaturahim with other Muslimah, charity event for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, and iftaar together. Alhamdulillah, in this event I've got many things to know from the speakers that InshaAllah will increase my Islamic knowledge.


And there was Raisa too, she's an Indonesian singer. I was so excited to meet her personally, you know like other people who met his/her idol singer :) *ignore my blur photo*

with my new sisters fillah, kak Nia and kak Sriemulya

with Muslimah photographer, kak Afida Sukma

The most reason why I loved to attend an event which gathered other Muslimah is for silaturahim to each other, then have new friends (I prefer to call them as my sisters in Islam "sisters fillah") and this silaturahim can continue day by day. So, thanks a lot to my dear Dian Pelangi for inviting me to this "Pengajian Pelangi". May Allah always bless you and your family, also keep our sisterhood in a beautiful silaturahim. Aamiin..


See you on the next event!

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