Modesty in Maroon

11:39 PM

Salaam everyone!

It's been a long time I want to try wear a better outfit, which more modest and loose. And a few months ago (I know, it's been to long for an updates. But it's okay for sharing, right?) when I attended the wedding of my friend's sister, I tried to wear Abaya and wide headscarf which can cover the chest and the back properly.

Headscarf : Nabilia
Abaya : Kivitz
Bag : unbranded
Shoes : @gslshoponline (instagram)
Location : Yogyakarta

I thought it's not that bad or weird to wear loose outfit and wide scarf, I felt so comfort with this outfit! Alhamdulillah.. Wish one day I could continue to wear this kind of outfit.

So, what do you think? Maybe you have any experience to wear some outfit more modest and loose? Share with me :)


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