8:13 PM

assalamu'alaikum everyone!

it's very long time no update my blog~ two months for being no new post here, right? my bad.
these two months I focused on quality time with my family and my friends, because insya Allah at the end of this June I'll enter the clerkship at hospital (wish me a big big luck!).

and this post is one of my very-very late post, so sorry for postponing it :)

last March (which is means 3 months ago) I went to Chocomory with my parents, my brother, and my cousins.
Chocomory is a Belgian chocolate shop in Indonesia, the location is at Cimory Riverside, Puncak - West Java. as a big fan of chocolate, I'm sooo exited to go there! hihi. I love the packages of chocolate snacks there, very unique and cute. don't ask the taste, because all of chocolates there was so good..

my mother

with my cousins

my mother had picked her chocolate

buy or not? *confused*

cookies-chocolate covered lollipop!

with my father wore cow-cap *ignore our silly face*

get a pose with the cow~

my brother

with my cousin at the riverside

capture a photo before we leave *exclude my brother because he's the photographer*

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