A Day With Aya Syifa Spa

9:53 AM

I recommend for you Muslimah, one place in Yogyakarta to enjoy your body, face, and foot treatments.
Where? In Aya Syifa Spa!

So, what makes Aya Syifa Spa different from the others? Because Aya Syifa spread some positive values, they are:
1. Proud to be a moslem
All of the workers in Aya Syifa Spa are Muslimah who wear hijab. Aya Syifa Spa proves that Muslimah must be proud with their identity, especially with their hijab. It also looks from their icon "Princess Aya" as a Muslimah who wear hijab.

2. Be optimistic for the future
Aya Syifa Spa often have some exciting offers for their customers, who still study at school or college.
One of the offers is "Exam Package", a special discount for the treatment when you do the treatment at the day/before/after the exam. Aya Syifa Spa provides us to be a positive thinker, to follow our passion and then success will come.

3. Always be happy
After treatment in Aya Syifa Spa, Insya Allah we will happy and have no time for gloomy at all!


And yesterday I was going to Aya Syifa Spa, to enjoy a body treatment...

so many kinds of treatments at Aya Syifa Spa

one of the treatment's room

enjoy my goodbye drink

thanks Aya Syifa Spa for these giveaways! 

If you still curious about the Aya Syifa Spa, you can come to these event which will be also attended by Aya Syifa Spa:
1. "POPS MARKET #2" event | 8th-10th February 2013 at Balai Utari - Gedung Wanitatama, Yogyakarta  (booth C-11)
2. "CARNAVAL HARMONY #3" event | 15th-17th March 2013 at Balai Utari - Gedung Wanitatama, Yogyakarta (booth Orange-4)

Or, you can directly come to Aya Syifa Spa:
Jl. Pandega Asih VI/ No 6, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Telp. 08976838123

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