#3GPtour by Ge Pamungkas

10:09 PM

Last Sunday, I have a chance to watch 3GP Tour.
It's a stand up comedy tour from @GePamungkas (the winner of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia season 2).
This tour was began with meet and greet session with Ge Pamungkas.

In this meet and greet, there was also photo session with Ge Pamungkas. Most of them were ladies~

signing for his fans? :D

photo sessions

(still) photo sessions

me with Ge Pamungkas

At 4.15 pm, the 3GP Tour was finally started!
There were 4 opener comics, 3 of them from Jogja and one of them from Bandung.




And.. finally! The most wanted man on this show is coming~
Ge Pamungkas was ready to make us laugh! All the contents of his performance will show you three different sides of Ge Pamungkas. Ge told many things, from his life, his parents, his friends, and anything from his perspective. From his stand up comedy, we didn't just got laugh, but there were also some implicit messages. I kept laughing during the show and really got entertained with his performance.

Two of my favorites quotes from his performance:
"Listen to your parents, because they not only teach you what you should do
but also what you shouldn't do"
"Your heart may be on fire, but your head should be stay cool"

Ge Pamungkas on stage!!!



greetings for the audiences

great and awesome performance, bang Ge!

@DinoDaiy - @awanpamungkas @GePamungkas - @faizsatria - @raeziz

me - Tari - @ernestprakasa - Zyeni - Ayu

wish one day I could watch another stand up comedy show from you, Ge Pamungkas! :)

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