20 Facts About Me

11:13 PM

I was tagged by Echa and kak Puput about #20factsaboutme on instagram. I've already post about it on my instagram before, but inspired by kak Puput so I will post again on my blog for the extended version. So, here we go.. #20factsaboutme :

  1. My middle name "Riyanti" is a combination from my parents name and I love my middle name, so that's why I dislike people who wrong to spell it or call me with my middle name.
  2. Become a doctor is my dream since childhood. InsyaAllah it will come true soon :)
  3. If you ask why I want to become a doctor, it inspired by Susan & Ria Enes's song when I was around 4-5 years old. The lyric was "Aku kepingin pinter biar jadi dokter.. (I want to be smart in order to become a doctor..)", which always run around my mind at that time.
  4. My blood type is AB+, but I was thought before that my blood type was B+ because my mom told so. And I just realize the truth when do biology experiment about blood type in senior high school.
  5. I'm the one and only daughter in my family, because of I only have one brother hehe..
  6. I've never had ideal weight since elementary school until now, but I wish one day I can reach my ideal weight.
  7. I often became a class chief when in elementary school, then became a president of MPK (class representative council) in junior high school. I love to join in organization(s)!
  8. I'm afraid of cockroaches, gecko, and home lizards!!!
  9. I'm a little bit perfectionist and well-prepared person.
  10. I was studied in a boarding school when in senior high school for 3 years, then move to continue my study in Yogyakarta until now. So it's already 7 years I couldn't live in my parents house for everyday (I envy you who have those opportunities).
  11. I was one of Super Junior fan when in senior high school~
  12. I started to wear hijab since elementary school, but took it off when outside the school area and put it on again since senior high school until now Alhamdulillah..
  13. I love to sing! As a bathroom singer or singing along when drive my car.
  14. I was born as mixed of Javanese & Palembang, I can speak Javanese a little bit but not for Palembang language.
  15. I can't swim, because I'm too scared to learn it when I was child.
  16. I don't know why when I took a photo of people the results often good, but it's not the same when it happens on me.
  17. I really adore how my parents could raise their children. Wish one day I can raise my children as good as them did to me and my brother.
  18. Love to be captured on camera, but really shy when it happens in public area. No wonder why most of my self photo are in the same pose hahaha..
  19. I'm an impulsive person. Sometimes it's good, but on the other side it isn't.
  20. I love to write and share my story or my opinions. It looks from how many words in this post, right?
That's all of my #20factsaboutme! Now I will tag everyone who read this post (or read it on my instagram) to post your version of #20factsaboutme. Feel free to let me know when you've post it :)


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  1. Keren deh bahasa jepang sama palembang, suka nyanyi juga seru seru, itu taring nya dua gitu mbak #eeh..

    salam kenal yaa mbak riyanti (nama tengah ) :D

  2. no 2 in shaa Allah udah on the way and almost come true yaa bu dokter :D tp seru bgt sih alasan mau jadi dokternya karena susan dan ria enes. hahaha.