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12:27 PM

Yesterday, I was going to Sekaten at Alun-Alun Lor Keraton Yogyakarta with my friend, Echa.
One of the things at there called "Awul Awul".

The word "Awul Awul" is a term for the imported clothing and second-hand clothes which sold at affordable prices.
The word "Awul Awul" itself is to appoint how the clothes are selected, like we search for valuables things that hidden in a pile of clothes.

So, here we go.. When good enough quality clothes meet the affordable prices, yeay!

a huge pile of clothes!

Echa's choice

my choice, polka dots!

And those are the results from my hunting~

price for both is IDR 17,500

this warm vest is for IDR 5,000

this is my favorite top, just IDR 20,000

TIPS: be smart to bargain the price for clothes that you like and make sure that the clothes in good condition and also worth to buy :)

One thing that you should remember: don't forget to wash second-hand clothes for many times, to avoid and eliminating any bacteria or dust that contained in the clothes.

Ijhe (my friend) just tell me how to wash second-hand clothes:
1. Separate clothes by color (to avoid if there are clothes that faded).
2. Washing second-hand clothing in hot water (hotter than 60 degree of Celcius), wait for about one hour.
3. After about one hour, wash the clothes in hot water with running water, then squeeze the clothes.
4. Wash the clothes in clear water several times until the water color is no longer dirty.
5. Wash clothes as usual (using detergent), if necessary use a disinfectant as well. If by the time it is less clean, please rinse again until clean.
6. After the clothes are clean, squeeze and drying clothes under the sun light.
7. When you have to wear it, you may wash it as you normally wash clothes.

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  1. Replies
    1. iyaaa :)
      kalo teliti & sabar pilih-pilihnya, bisa dapet yg bagus & terjangkau.
      tapi tetep harus bersih banget dicucinya..

  2. wah senang sekali dapet barang unik dan murah ,kalau suka barang unik kepasar2 seconhand itu memang recomended banget soalnya barang2 nya ya cuma itu ga ada lagi ...unik banget .selamat berburu baju2 unik ya

    1. betul..
      walau murah & banyak pilihan, tapi tetap harus pintar-pintar & bijak dalam membeli + harus benar-benar bersih dicuci sebelum dipakai :)