Book Review: "Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab" by Fitri Aulia

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Book Title : Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab
Author : Fitri Aulia
Publisher : Qultum Media

"Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab" is a book that can be a guide for Muslimah who want to look stylish but still in accordance with the rules of Islam (shari'a). In this book contains 18 hijab style and the style of dress consisting of preparation, tips about hijab, clothing tips (from casual to formal outfit), wudhu tips, how to choose praying clothes, and of course hijab tutorials.

In this book there is also a DVD containing Fitri Aulia's daily activities with her husband, hijab tutorials, and also the process of making "Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab". By watching videos on the DVD, we get to know Fitri Aulia closer.

For me, "Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab" is a book that recommended to have for Muslimah. Because different from other hijab style books, this book isn't just about fashion but still prioritizing Islamic sharia.

Only with IDR 75.000, you can get a book with a DVD that Insha'Allah will give benefits for Muslimah to fulfill their obligations to Allah as a woman, by cover their 'aurat' with wear hijab.

you should read this first, before you read the entire pages

the casual one

the bold one

how to mix & match them

and also.. hijab tutorial(s)!

one of the photos at Jogja Fashion Week 2012 which I took is posted on the last page

thank you kak Fitri..
barakallah for you 

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday I had an opportunity to attend the launching "Inspiring Syar'i & Stylish Hijab" by Fitri Aulia. So, see you on my next post about this book launch!

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