Meet: Dian Pelangi (again! ♥)

1:23 PM

Last Wednesday (July 25, 2012), finally I met Dian Pelangi (again! ♥) for the second time. The first time I met her was in December 1, 2011 (I still remember it!).

Dian Pelangi has come to Bogor for a mini talk show as the brand ambassador of Wardah (halal cosmetics from Indonesia). I find out about this event a few days before from her twitter (@dianpelangi). And of course I was very excited to come to that event.

After waiting about an hour, finally she came. Yeay, Dian Pelangi is here! ♥

Dian Pelangi on stage for mini talk show

After that mini talk show, Dian off the stage and immediately surrounded by many Hijabers who wanted to take a picture with her (and of course I was one of them).

Waiting, waiting, and waiting .. Because there are so many Hijabers Bogor that wanted to take a picture with Dian Pelangi!
Suddenly the committee asked Dian to move to the bigger place in order to take pictures freely with others.

When Dian walked to the bigger place, I walked toward her, say hello, and said: "Dian.. I've  got something for you .."
(then giving a gift for her).

Dian was immediately smile and replied: "Thank you.. Hey, you are who have twitter username @indahrp, right? I often read you mention.. Finally I can see you too.."

Subhanallah .. Dian was remembered me, even she knows my twitter username (. ^ ‿ ^.)
I was very touched and happy!
Although my mention in twitter rarely replied by her, but Dian could remember and recognize me .. :'')

Later, Dian held my hand and asked me to walk with her.. Then didn't forget to take some pictures with her..

walking along and chatting with Dian Pelangi 

some hijabers who take pictures with Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi with me and my cousin

me & Dian Pelangi (she held the gift from me) ♥

Dian still so lovely and humble just like the first time when I met her :'')

Thank you Dian for remembering and recognizing me..
You're sooo lovely and humble! Just like the first time when I met you before ♥

Hope you will like the gift from me yaa.. Also the mini letter for you inside.. :)
And until now, I still can't expected you will respond me so close and kind like this.. :'')
See you soon, next time insya Allah!

Indah ♥

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  1. Nice post, i´m now following your blog :)